Hello, my name is Saba and I am a graphic designer and artist from Sweden with Ethiopian/Afghan roots. As a designer I have a passion for helping entrepreneurs to fulfill their dreams and goals by creating a brand that is unique and that really stands out while being true to their vision. I am drawn to simplicity and design that is timeless.

When I am not working on my design I am painting abstract art, creating art is truly liberating for me and it helps me to explore a different side of my creativity while inspiring my design work at the same time.

Background story:

My father (Tadele) is an artist and an architect that inspired my creativity from a young age. His journey from selling his art on the streets of Ethiopia to fulfilling his dreams as a successful architect and artist inspired me growing up. His story pushed me to take the leap into working with what I love.



My passion for expressing myself through my art, stems from the need to articulate and interpret my surroundings. I find most of my inspiration from design, art, architecture, cultural diversity and nature. My love for minimalism is something that is shown in my work.

A lot of my pieces contain contrast, strong and bold strokes that are filled with emotions and depth. The negative spaces hide and simplify the complex simplicity that we are all surrounded by daily. The complex and the simple and the balance between the two is something I am intrigued by. I hope that my art can make people more conscious of the beauty in the little things.

I use a wide variety of mediums, such as acrylics, pastels, watercolors, ink, charcoal on mostly paper and canvas but also wood panel. Piece by piece I am artistically telling my story.